At Synergy Automotive, we’re experts in providing both personal leases to individuals and business leases to a wide range of organisations including large corporations, SMEs, public sector organisations, sole traders and limited companies.

Due to the high number of different leasing options available, our experienced team of Account Managers take time to understand how best to meet you or your organisation's leasing needs in the most cost-efficient way.

Business Leasing

Business leasing is suitable for Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders or LLPs.  It offers many advantages, including fixed monthly payments for a set term.  Businesses usually also benefit from positive tax implications.  All business lease prices are quoted excluding VAT.   

Types of Business Leasing

Personal Leasing

Personal leasing is for private individuals who want to benefit from driving a brand new car of their choice, to the specification they require, at a fixed monthly rate and for a set term.  Personal leasing can often be a more affordable, and hassle-free way, to drive a brand new car. 

Types of Personal Leasing